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There is more to drafting a will than many people realize, and there is more to estate planning than drafting a will.

A previous post on this blog talked about all the different types of estate planning documents a Shasta County, California, resident may want to have as part of her estate plan. As this post discussed, what documents a person will require in order to have an effective estate plan depends a lot on the person's individual circumstances.

For instance, at our law office, we believe that just about anyone can benefit from a simple will. However, someone who has some assets saved up, more than $150,000 for example, it may also find it advantageous on a number of levels to set up a trust. Special wills and trusts may also be important if a Redding resident needs to make plans for his minor child or even an adult child who has special needs.

Additional estate planning documents may be needed for financial reasons as well. For instance, sometimes trusts or other devices can help an estate save on taxes, thereby allowing a person to leave more to her loved ones.

On other occasions, written transfers of property and the like can help a person secure medical care that they may need without having to spend her entire fortune to pay for it. In still other situations, estate planning may extend to re-organizing one's business interests to be sure that they are protected.

Finally, as this blog has mentioned before, a Californian will as part of an estate plan likely want to execute documents that will give a trusted loved one the power to make financial and even medical decisions in the event he is unable to do so for himself.

Our office will work hard to carefully discern each one of our client's desires and estate planning needs and then help them by drafting and executing the appropriate documents.

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