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What is Medicaid planning and how can it help me?

Over the past decades, people have had the great blessing of being able to live longer thanks in large part to modern medical technology.

The flip side of this is that modern medicine comes at a great cost, such that providing for the needs of a California who requires a nursing home or other round-the-clock care could easily cost $40,000 a year.

As a result, even those who have done relatively well in life may have no realistic way of paying for a nursing home or other facility themselves. Even if they are of the age to qualify for Medicare, they still may need additional assistance through Medicaid, which is more properly referred to as Medi-Cal in this state.

Medi-Cal is a program reserved for people of limited income and means. As a practical matter, this means that in order to get help through Medi-Cal, a person either has to have very limited assets or, alternatively, be willing to turn them over to the nursing home or other care provider first in order to cover medical expenses.

Medi-Cal planning, which will likely be called Medicaid planning in other parts of the country, is a specialized type of estate planning which can help a resident of Northern California qualify for Medi-Cal when they need full-time nursing care but still pass down some of their hard-earned assets to their loved ones rather than having to apply them to healthcare bills.

It is important to start this process early, if possible even when a person first realizes that they may need Medi-Cal. It is also important to handle this process, which will include planned gifting and other transfers over the course of years, with the utmost attention to detail and to the nuances of the law.

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