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How often should I review my estate plan?

Putting together a comprehensive estate plan is an important step for residents of Northern California. The process can be complicated and involve multiple steps, which is why it is generally a good idea to get the assistance of an experienced attorney when doing initial estate planning.

People think wills are a good idea

According to a recent survey, over 3 out of 4 people across the country acknowledge that having a will is a good idea. However, only 40 percent of those asked actually had a will. Perhaps, not surprisingly, those over 65 were the most likely to have a will. The survey estimated that about 2 out of 3 people in this age group had taken the time to at least do some simple estate planning.

Medicaid planning explained

Many people in Northern California who are approaching retirement may also be thinking about how they are going to afford the cost of long-term care. As people age, after all, they may require the assistance of a retirement facility or of a nursing home, but these services can cost thousands of dollars a month. Most people do not have this kind of money lying around, and the money they do have they would prefer to pass on to their children or other loved ones.

Loved ones of beloved actor will be grateful for estate plan

Many people probably remember Actor Luke Perry from his years on the teen drama Beverly Hills 90210. His fans and supporters, needless to say his personal friends and loved ones, were likely shocked and saddened by his recent death brought on by a series of strokes.

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